SSC CGLE 12 Aug 2017 All Subject, QA

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SSC CGLE 12 Aug 2017 All Subject, QA
  1. Winner of best actreess award in 64th national films awards? Surabhi Lakshmi
  2. What is the Unit of Sound? Decibel
  3. India signed Black Money Agreement with which country: Switzerland
  4. Which right has been removed from fundamental rights? right to property
  5. Alevoli is related to what - respiratory system
  6. In which Stadium Sachin Tendulkar has scored his 100th international century ? Shere Bangla Stadium.
  7. what is doldrums? an equatorial region of the Atlantic Ocean with calms, sudden storms, and light unpredictable winds
  8. Question on Match country with currency : Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar
  9. What is an Exothermal reaction?  Chemical reaction that releases energy 
  10. Who wrote Nagananda ? Harsha
  11. Which is the National water animal of India? Gangetic Dolphin
  12. Which of the following proves that light has particle nature ?  Πzoelectric Effect
  13. What is the tenure of CAG? 6 Years
  14. How many Pair of Ribs are there in human body? 12
  15. Who was the first Governor General of India? William bentic
  16. Who was the first female Emperor of India? Warren Hastings
  17. Brass is Made up of? Zn and Cu 
  18. What is the name of Biography of Sachin Tendulkar? Playing It My Way
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  20. Full form of FTP : file transfer protocol
  21. Full form of BOD : Biological oxygen demand
  22. John Dunlop invented? Tyre
  23. What is the S.I unit of Heat? joule
  24. How many Indian states touch the boundary of Nepal? Five
  25. Who invented Polio injection? Jonas Salk
  26. The 7th country which has been included in SACEP in March 2017?
  27. What is the common name of sodium bicarbonate? baking soda
  28. Computer work on which Number System? Binary
  29. Question on Match the following : Brahmo samaj, Arya samaj, Prarthna samaj
  30. What is the Study of fungus called? Mycology
  31. Who Received Arjuna Award 2016 in wrestling? Vinesh Phogat
  32. When a ball is thrown vertically upward what remains constant? Energy
  33. Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana (PMVVY), who will provide funds?
  34. The Ministry of utmost happiness book is written by? Arundhati Roy
  35. Which Planet is known as twin of earth? Venus
  36. Which of the following is ore of iron? Siderite
  37. No Ball is related to which game? Cricket
  38. Who holds contingency fund of India ?Finance Secretary
  39. Ace against odds book is written by- Sania mirza
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  41. Single cellular organism reproduces by? cellular division
  42. What is the full form of DNA ? Deoxyribonucleic Acid
  43. which among following is not land locked country? Bhutan
  44. What is the full form of ISDN ? Integrated services digital network
  45. Which state government has officially launched women safety application  ? Tamil Nadu
  46. Name the female hormone? Prostrogen
  47. Sheets can be made from? Aluminium
  48. who discovered celsius scale? Astronomer Anders

Quantitative Aptitude

  1. The present age of two persons is in the ratio 9:4. Then after 10 years the sum of their ages will become?
  2. Percentage increment in area of a square is 69 if length is increased by K %. Then find the value of k?
  3. ABCD is an parallelogram with diagonal BD 36 cm such that P and Q are the centroid of the triangle ABC and triangle ACD, then find the distance PQ?
  4. A train starts from point A with 30m/s toward B. Another train starts after 3sec from same point. Find the total distance covered by trains before they meet each other.
    a) 560m                       b) 600m                         c) 550m                                 d) 500m
  5. Sin(-Π/3) + Cos(-Π/6) =?
  6. Sin3θ.sec2θ = 1. Find the value of 3tan5θ/2 – 1 ?
  7. A equilateral triangle has side 12 cm ,then find the difference between inradius and circumcircle radius?
  8. A + B + C = 11 Ab + BC + AC = 17 , then a³+ b³+ c³- 3abc = ?
  9. If A is 36 % more than C and 16% more than B. If B got 145 then C got?
  10. x⁴ = (1/x⁴) = 62 then what is the value of x⁶ + (1/x⁶)?
  11. (x/5) + (5/x) = -2 then what is the value of x³?


  1. Cloze Test – Based on Child Disorder
  2. One word Substitution – Parvenu
  3. Synonyms – Abeyance
  4. Idioms Phrase – “In a jiffy”?
  5. Idioms Phrases – Herculean Task
  6. Synonyms – Haste
  7. Antonyms – Skeptical, Refulgent
  8. Cloze Test – Based on Child Disorder

General Intelligence & Reasoning

  1. 49 : 169 :: 66 : ?
  2. FK27, LM64, RW125, ?
  3. Maths: formula :: chemistry : ?
  4. 3, 2, 625
    5, 3, 4096
    2, 4, ?
  5. Find the missing term in the series: 9, 18, 72, 576, ?
  6. Find the missing term in the series 40 : 100 :: 56 : ?

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