SSC CGLE 18 Aug 2017 All Subject, QA

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SSC CGLE 18 Aug 2017 All Subject, QA

English Questions asked on 18th Aug 2017 CGLE

#1. Shift - I, English

  1. Antonym: Guzzle
  2. Spelling Check: consensus
  3. Cloze Test: Bird Lovers
  4. Idioms: Coming up a cloud & If a body float on the water surface-cadaver
  5. Synonym: Obliterate & Litter 
  6. Error Spotting: Among the American and the British

#2. Shift - II, English

  1. Idioms: cup of tea & to have something on the bread
  2. Antonym: Blasphemy & Rampage
  3. Spelling Check: Alleviate, Composer
  4. Cloze Test: Visit to Colorado
  5. Synonym: Commemorate

#3 SSC CGL English Question Asked in Shift 3rd

  1. Cloze Test
  2. Antonyms – Turgid, Lambency

General Awareness Question asked on 18th Aug 2017 CGLE

#1. Shift - I, GK Questions

  1. Position of America in Human development index(HDI) : 11
  2. In 1912 Mangol invade on which region?
  3. What is known as the time taken by Pendulum to cover one round? Period
  4. Dihang river in which region of Himalaya?
  5. When Na reacts with NaOH, then what is the product? Na2O + 1/2 H2
  6. Which movie won 62 Filmfare award 2017? Dangal
  7. Painting become famous during the period of which Mughal Emperor? Jahangir
  8. What is the name of writer of the book one life is not enough? Natwar singh
  9. Central Plant Economy in which country?
  10. What is the other name of Platelets?  thrombocytes
  11. Which country won 2015 Rugby Championship? Australia national rugby union team
  12. If nutrients increase in water then which algae formed? Eutrophication 
  13. What is the outer most layer of xylem? Cork
  14. When someone directly approaches supreme court instead of the High court then which jurisdiction applied?
  15. One question from Economy[Input & Output related].

#2. Shift - II, GK Questions

  1. Dhamma Stupa is located at? Nagpur
  2. Rank of Australia in HDI 2016? 2
  3. Which team won IPL 2017? Mumbai Indians
  4. Dara Shikoh brother's name who was responsible for his death? Aurangzeb
  5. Supreme Court helps president in which kind of suggestions? Advisory Jurisdiction
  6. Who is the founder of proton? Goldstein
  7. mg + O₂ = ? 
  8. According to latest survey, the percentage reduced in tropical forest in India is?
  9. Which of the following is not a memory storage device? Linux 
  10. How many legislative assembly are there in Sikkim? 32
  11. Which song won Grammy award 2016? Ed Sheeran, "Thinking Out Loud"
  12. No. of union territories in India till june,2017? Seven
  13.  Lion , leopard and tiger belongs to which genus? Felidae
  14. One question from soil in Northern plain
  15. One question from Fasal Bima Yojana?
  16. One question from books n authors 

#3. Shift - III, GK Questions

  1. Where is Humayun's Tomb? New Delhi
  2. Which country not in SAFTA? China
  3. Which country exercises open trade?
  4. Acid plus base forms salt and? Water
  5. If the weight on earth is 60kg, what will be the weight on the moon? 10 Kg
  6. What are the main abiotic factors? Air
  7. The first word of the botanical/Scientific name represents? Genus
  8. Himalaya takes a sharp southern turn after which point? Namcha Barwa
  9. One question on the nominal product.
  10. To which country India gave 35 crores for children of freedom fighters? Bangladesh
  11. The trade union in which list of the division of powers? Concurrent List
  12. Filaria belongs to which family? Helminthiases
  13. What type of Mirror is used in rear view? Convex Mirror
  14. Who was the Discoverer of Potassium? Humphry Davy
  15. One question on Start up India
  16. In 1930 which Muslim leader was arrested in Peshawar? Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
  17. Writ Prohibition- An order from a superior court to a lower court directing the judge and the parties to cease the litigation because the lower court does not have proper jurisdiction
  18. Successors of Timur formed which dynasty? Mughal
  19. Leh and Kashmir are connected through which pass? Zoji La

Qauntitative Aptitude Question asked on 18th Aug 2017 CGLE

#1. Shift - I, Qauntitative Aptitude

  1. Data Interpretation – Tabular Graph
  2.  x = -3, then find the mirror image of (5, 2 )with respect to x.
  3. The 3 coordinates of x, y, z were given. You have to find the centroid?
  4. SI = 1500 and CI = 1575 for 2 years. Find the rate of interest?
  5. The area of four walls of a cuboid is 448 sq metre. If the length and height is 18 m and 8 m Find its breadth?
  6. Find the average of the numbers between 11 and 79 which are divisible by 6?
  7. ABC is a triangle. D and E are points on AB and BC such that AD : DC = 2:5. The area of triangle ADE is 8 sq. units. Find the ratio of area of triangle ADE and quadrilateral BDEC?
  8. Four times a fraction and 6 times it’s reciprocal sum is equal to 11. Then find the fraction?
  9. If an article is brought at 10 % of discount cost Rs 4500. Then find the the cost of article after 27.5% discount.
  10. a3 + b3 = 19 & ab = 6. Then find a+b?

#2. Shift - II, Qauntitative Aptitude

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#3. Shift - III, Qauntitative Aptitude

  1. Ax – 4y = -6 , and slope m = -3/2 then find the value of A?

Reasoning Ability Question asked on 18th Aug 2017 CGLE

#1. Shift - I, Reasoning

  1. 99 : 101 :: 100 : ?

#2. Shift - II, Reasoning

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#3. Shift - III, Reasoning

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