SSC CGLE 20 Aug 2017 All Subject, QA

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SSC CGLE 20 Aug 2017 All Subject, QA

General Awareness Question asked on 20th Aug 2017 CGLE

#1. Shift - I, GK Questions

  1. ICC World Cup 2015 Semi final was held between India and? Australia
  2. Which Mughal king was sent to prison by Aurangzeb? Shahjahan
  3. Demand of normal good increase when income ? Increases
  4. Male part of plants? Stamen
  5. Longitudinal valleys between the lesser himalayas and shiwaliks are known as ? 'duns' in the west and 'duars' in the east.
  6. Right to equality comes under? Fundamental Rights
  7. What is the other name of contact force – friction force
  8. Which is a intrusive igneous rock? granite
  9. Which country touches border with Nepal? China
  10. Questions on APJ kalam, IK Gujral books.
  11. Circulatory system was discovered by? William Harvey
  12. Where is Buland Darwaja? Fatehpur sikri (UP)
  13. Cuba reestablish diplomatic ties after a gap of 37 years, with which country? Morocco
  14. Which scheme is related to panchayat ? Gram uday se bharat uday
  15. Forest is under which list ? concurrent list

#2. Shift - II, GK Questions

  1. The female part of plant is called?  Pistil
  2. Who discovered Antarctica?Captain Cook
  3. Who was the emperor who sat on the throne at the age of 12? Akbar
  4. 61st Filmfare best movie award? Bajirao Mastani
  5. 2014 FIFA world cup final was held between? Germany vs Argentina
  6. In an adult male how much RBC blood contains? 4.6 - 6.0 million
  7. Which country does not accept visa?
  8. Image formed by plane mirror. Always virtual, upright, and of the same shape and size as the object it is reflecting
  9. When there is few sellers and products are distinct what is that situation called? oligopoly
  10. Soil formation most affected by which factor:
  11. Question on paintings in the school of Mewar in the school of Rajasthan?
  12. Matching question on books and authors.
  13. The process of depositing a layer of zinc on iron is called? Galvanization
  14. Article related to Untouchability? Article 17
  15. Question related to magnetic force.
  16. One question related to river Ganga clean project
  17. One question on u and v curve
  18. One question on cost curve.
  19. Question on 7th schedule
  20. Question on animal tissue.
  21. War winning area is in which list
  22. Question on Namami Gange

#3. Shift - III, GK Questions

  1. Prime minister announced which scheme along with beti bachao beti padhai - Sukanya Samruddhi
  2. Nobel prize for medicine? Yoshinori Ohsumi
  3. Largest military spending country in world.? USA
  4. Loksabha seats in West Bengal? 42
  5. Gandhi came back to India from which country in 1915? South Africa
  6. Palk strait divides which country from India.?  Sri Lanka
  7. Which river originates in Nepal? 
  8. What happens when current is passed through electrolyte 
  9. When census is taken what is the term for persons outside the country that time - migrants
  10. Match the following on Authors and books
  11. One question on Newtons Second Law.

Qauntitative Aptitude Question asked on 20th Aug 2017 CGLE

#1. Shift - I, Qauntitative Aptitude

  1. Coordinate Geometry - y=mx+c, end point of line
  2. If A can do a work in x day and B can do same work in Y day so they together compelete the work in?
  3. Average of three no. is 40. In this 1st number is 1/3rd of both others what is the first no.
  4. DI - Bar graph

#2. Shift - II, Qauntitative Aptitude

  1. HCF of two numbers
  2. equation of line if x intercept and y intrcept given.
  3. Reflection of point(3,2) in line y=-2.
  4. ABC is right angled at B. If an altitude is drawn from B as BD, find BC if AC=25 and DC=9.
  5. tan 45-(1/sec6θ √3)=?
  6. Area of circle=616,circumference=?
  7. In an interview,ratio of selected to unselected is 11:2. If 40 less appeared and 20 less selected then ratio changes to (something given),find total candidates apeared.
  8. CP of a goat and sheep is sold at profit of 20% and other at 10%loss and SP of both is same.find CP of cheaper animal.
  9. a³+b³=?if a+b=given and ab also given.(values were simple)
  10. If sinθ=20/29,then cos(sinθ)=?(99%value given was this only..little bit unsure about the value for this ques).
  11. Discount% was given and commodity sold at CP only. then mark up%=?
  12. average of 21 to 39 numbers=?
  13. Principle=15000.amounts to 18310(again this value m not sure...1%) in 2 years.find rate%.
  14. A and B travel from p to q simultaneously at 35 km/hr and 45km/hr. If B takes 2 hrs less time than A. find the distance bw p and q.
  15. 2nd number is 8. 6th number is 20. find 20th number if series is AP.
  16. A takes 24 days and B takes 40 days to finish a work. If both work for 10 days then fraction of work left is=?
  17. ABC is right angled at B. angle A=30 and BC =6root3.find AC.

#3. Shift - III, Qauntitative Aptitude

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English Questions asked on 20th Aug 2017 CGLE

#1. Shift - I, English

  1. Idioms: Bark up wrong tree, Call it a day
  2. Synonyms: Sultry, Supple
  3. Antonyms: Stymie
  4. One word: That can be easily affected
  5. Word correction: consensus, president
  6. Passage: mangoes variety of coimbotore

#2. Shift - II, English

  1. Syno : Ravine, Realm,
  2. Anto : Rebuff, Recede
  3. Spelling: Castigated, possesses
  4. Idiom:  Ball in your court 

#3. Shift - III, English

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Reasoning Ability Question asked on 20th Aug 2017 CGLE

#1. Shift - I, Reasoning

  1. 700,350,250,640 ?  Ans 640

#2. Shift - II, Reasoning

#3. Shift - III, Reasoning