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Today we're sharing Memory based General Awareness Question Ans Of Exam held on 9th Aug 2017-All Shifts. This will help you in understanding the level of question asked. As we see level of GA is rising but not as much, if one is prepared well for GA then this will be very easy task for her/him. Now we iascgl.com share some memory based question asked Today(9th Aug). You can also share memory based, just comment below.. Thanks


  1. The oath of the President is taken in the presence of ?  Chief Justice of India
  2. How many players are there in Volleyball Team?6
  3. What is the function of Kidney? Fileration
  4. Transportation of oxygen in human beings is done by?  Hemoglobin
  5. Bending of light in slit is caused due to? Diffraction of light 
  6. Mirage is caused due to? TIR
  7. Indian of the year award? Ranveer Singh
  8. Which country is not included in BRICS? Iceland
  9. Who invented Television? Philo Farnsworth
  10. Kalapani dispute is between India and which country? Nepal
  11. Acid + Base -----> _____+ water ?  Salt
  12. Who gave the theory of equilibrium? Leon Walras
  13. Name of Storm of China sea? typhoon
  14. Which movement started by Mahatma Gandhi in Champaran? Satyagraha
  15. Weakest Bond in Chemistry ? Hydrogen Bond
  16. Ujjawala Scheme is? Provides LPG Cylinders to Every BPL Families household
  17. Not a function of Fortran ? Drawing
  18. Who is the author of selection day? Aravind Adiga
  19. One Question Related to Sovereignty in Constitution?
  20. One Question on demand draft.

  21. Which Country has longest boundary with India ? Bangladesh
  22. Who won Miss Universe 2016 ? ‎Iris Mittenaere
  23. Ph Scale of Blood is: Slightly Basic
  24. What is disguised unemployment ?  (Underemployment )working in a redundant manner where worker productivity is essentially zero
  25. Number do Lies Book was written by? Aakash Chopra's
  26. Who is Executive head of Parliament ? Prime Minister
  27. Amazon river is in which country ? Brazil
  28. Science/law behind inability  to nail a pin on a hanging wooden block? Newtons' 2nd Law of Motion
  29. No of tissues in plants ? Three
  30. Who Discovered Bacteria? Van Leeuwenhoek
  31. First governor general of Bengal ? Warren hasting
  32. Forest research institute is located at? Dehradun
  33. Who is UN secretary general ? António Guterres
  34. Market with only one seller - Monopoly
  35. What is a bug - Error in a program
  36. Which of the following is not true regarding EM waves - it cant be interfered and diffracted
  37. Match the following with Ganesh Chathurthi, Durga Puja and other festival : Maharashtra, West Bengal and other
  38. Which among the following sports doesn't use ball - Badminton
  39. Who built Konark temple - Narasimha 1
  40. Shahyadri is also known as?- Western Ghats
  41. Deen dayal yojana 5 rs meal - Madhya Pradesh
  42. Parliament consist of - President and two houses
  43. Zacharias was invented by? - Microscope
  44. Anti-Defection Law is in which Schedule of Indian Constitution ? 10th Schedule
  45. Most abundant element on earth crust? Oxygen
  46. Founder of Banaras hindu university? Pandit Madan Mohan maliviya
  47. Ozone is ___oxygen? O3
  48. Second battle of tarain was fought between? prithiviraj Chauhan vs muhhmad gauri
  49. Polio is Caused by? Virus
  50. Which Country Keeps an eye on north korea? USA
  51. RedRot Disease is related to? Sugarcane
  52. SI unit of Frequency - Hertz
  53. Where is Jhulta Minar or Shaking Minarets located? Ahmedabad Gujrat
  54. Which of the following is an Inert gas ? Argon
  55. Who has been awarded Padma Shri for culinary contribution ? Sanjeev Kapoor
  56. Who is Commander in Chief of India : President
  57. What are Isotopes: Elements with same atomic number