UPSC Aspirants Challange UPSC in Supreme Court for non-transparency and of framing ambiguous, incoherent questions

UPSC conduct civil service exam every year. Apx 10 lakh candidates apply every year and 5 to 6 lakh appear for examination. Each and every candidate fight for a every single mark even point mark. This time aspirants accusing the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) of non-transparency and of framing ambiguous, incoherent questions. Preliminary examinatio was held on 18th June, 2017.

Supreme Court

Aspirant of UPSC CSE moves to Supreme Court, claiming UPSC asked some Ambiguous Questions. Ambiguous Questions means question that may have more than one possible answer. Therefore it has been happening with every examinees every time during exam that which answer is right, a situation of dilemma for every examinee. Answering such kind of question may give them full marks or loss of marks along with a penality of marks. Due to this candidates don't wanna to loss marks and choose not to answer such questions. For each right question candidates score 2 mark and for every wrong they awarded as a negative marking of 0.67 marks. 2 marks plays an important role in UPSC CSE examination.

Answer Key not disclosed.

Aspirants are dissatisfied with the norms of UPSC for releasing the answer keys. The Commission usually releases the keys after the completion of the selection process. "What is an opaque practice of the UPSC is to release the answer key after the completion of the entire selection process. This means that answer key for UPSC CS Preliminary Examination 2017 will be released sometime in May-June 2018.

The Supreme Court will hear the case on 13 October.