Here are some tips and trick for working professional that how they can crack Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) clerk examination.

Tips and tricks for professional

Government Job is far better than a private sector job. A Bank job in government sector is far better than a job of same salary in private job as job security, social status, better retirement benefits and a lot of perks compared to a private job. If you're working in private sector and wants to crack IBPS Clerk Examination. Then read this article thoroughly.

As notification of IBPS out and many candidates are wondering here and there for their preparation plan. Some applicant are working in private sector and have less time for preparation for the examination.

Time Management

Time: For a working professional, who don't have that much time, must manage his/her time. Like . sleep:8 hours, travel 2 hours, work 9 hours and food etc of 2 hours. Now you've 3 hours for studies and you have to manage minimum 2 hours for studies. And you should plan accordingly. As mind power and pet subject varies person by person.


Schedule yourself according to time you've. Give more time in weekends. Plan your studies subject-wise. Don't ignore any subject if you're even expert in that.

Study material

A working profession may have study material but in most cases he/she don't have. In this situation search study material in our website also try some other online sources. Join 'Exam Tyari Group on WhatsApp, Telegram' and also other educational group on facebook so that you can participate in various quiz and also such group update you time to time about current affairs and important study materials.

Time Management

If you're travel by 'bus','metro' or any other public transport service, then you must carry study material with yourself so that whenever you got time, you can access them. If it is not possible to carry hard copy then carry it in digital form.

Online Mock Tests

Online mock test is also very important now a days. As every candidate manage time and analyze themselves according to time. More practice of mock tests will make you expert in calculation/analyze/understanding questions. Buy a good mock test series.

Target: Target only on one exam. As a gate which is locked from inside, you want to break that by your force. It can be broken down by one forced push or try again and again on same gate, after a time it will open for you. If you try to open many gate at a time, it is rare chance that you can crack them or any. But if targeted/focused on one, it will definitely open for you. Similarly with your studies, concentrate on one exam if targeting two make sure that these two related in anyway/someway.

The most important thing in this world is time. This is the only thing that can't be purchased. If you value your time, time will value you. We'll not talk negative in this point. Applicant studies for min 15(form 1st to graduate) year or 17 year to crack this exam. Give your best as time is going to define you.