Current Affair of 14 March 2018, Exam View.

Current Affair 14 march 2018

15 new planets confirmed around cool dwarf stars

Scientists have discovered 15 new planets - including one 'super-Earth' that could harbour liquid water - orbiting small, cool stars near our solar system.

New Planet Found

The stars, known as red dwarfs, are of interest for studies of planetary formation and evolution, said the team led by Teruyuki Hirano from the Tokyo Institute of Technology.

One of the brightest red dwarfs - K2-155 that is around 200 light years away from Earth - has three transiting "super-Earths", which are slightly bigger than our own planet.


  • It's radious is nearly 1.6 times than earth.
  • liquid water on its surface based on three-dimensional global climate simulations

Project UNNATI

Project UNNATI was launched by the Ministry of shipping in 2014. Under the project, the global benchmarks were adopted to improve the efficiency and productivity, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of major ports.

The aims and objectives of Project, which is focused on 12 major ports, are as follows:
  1. Benchmark operational and financial performance of the major ports
  2. Undertake capability maturity assessment for key processes and functional capabilities
  3. Detailed diagnosis and root cause analysis for the identified opportunity areas to understand underlying reasons for performance bottlenecks.
  4. Develop practical and actionable solutions on the basis of root cause findings, and develop a comprehensive improvement roadmap

Tuberculosis Free India

Tuberculosis Free India Campaign launched by Prime minister Narendra Modi during TB The Delhi End TB summit in Delhi. Aim of This scheme is End of TB by 2025

TB Free India

One of the new digital initiatives under the Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program is Comprehensive Management Information System for TB (NIKSHAY).

Maldives approved anti-defection bill

  • The Parliament of Maldives has approved the anti-defection bill with retrospective effect amidst the boycott by opposition MPs.
  • According to the bill, MPs elected on political party tickets will lose their seat if they leave their party, get expelled, or switch parties.
  • The bill will give powers to the election commission to unseat MPs in case of defections.